Tony Robbins: 10 Success Principles

American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Tony Robbins who is famous for his best-selling self-help books shared his top 10 rules in order to achieve success and these include the following:


Raise your standards

Tony Robbins Success PriciplesAccording to Tony, there is a huge difference between a “should” and a “must”. A “should” is when you think that you are going to do a particular thing because it is your goal and you are obliged to do it because you are expected to do it.

A “must”, on the other hand, is when you are determined to do such a thing because you desire the outcome. When you follow a “should”, there’s a lesser chance that you are going to achieve success. But when you choose a “must”, then your chance to succeed is a lot bigger.

Become absolutely fulfilled

There’s a lot of advantages when you do the things that can make you happy. It makes you feel fulfilled, inspired, and highly satisfied. When you do something you do not like, however, you feel like you are on the wrong side of things. It is important when you are committed to what you love because no matter the outcome, you will still be happy about it in the end.

Progress equals happiness

When you notice some good developments and changes, then it is a good sign that what you are doing is something that gives you fulfillment. There may be hardships along the way but they are worth it. You have to accept these challenges because there is certainly happiness that will come as a result.

Appreciate your customers

Your customers are one the most important people that you should value. Without these customers, you won’t ever find success, so love them and provide them the best of your services and attention so you will be rewarded in the end.

Add value

Tony teaches everyone to not settle for less. He said, go above and beyond. Do not wait for deadlines, instead make sure that you accomplish everything you need to accomplish before deadlines hit. This strategy also tells the importance of giving something extra to someone. Instead of focusing on what you can gain, think about how the outcome can benefit others.

Come up with an exit strategy

Not every goal can be accomplished, whether you give your all or not. It is a given truth. That’s why you need to prepare another goal that may serve as your secondary option when your original goal doesn’t work out.

Be resourceful

There are so many things around you that you can use in order to succeed. Examples are the people who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate. They will serve as your inspiration. Imitate their ways and find out how they succeed in their endeavors. This way, you know that you are doing the right things.

Look into the details

Things, no matter how small or big, do matter. So, try to review everything that you have done every now and then. Pay attention to small details and reflect whether they made a difference or not. This is an important way to find success because looking into the details gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes and start following the right ways.

Find leverage

It cannot be prevented when big problems arise along the way, these problems can be solved if you know how to find leverage by simply doing the process of outsourcing. Divide your problem into small pieces and find solutions for each of these parts. Eventually, you will find out that big problems can never be difficult as you imagined.

Change your mindset

When you have the right mindset, things fall into right places. The right mindset allows you to look into the situations that are difficult, while the wrong mindset lets you get discouraged easily. It is important to change your mindset and embody what you are aiming so you will earn success and all the things that you want.